CW 200PLUS magnet wire


  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • 200°C continuous operating temperature
  • Resilient abrasion resistant surface
  • Superior chemical & moisture resistance
  • Resistant to most common solvents & refrigerants
  • Superb windability


CW 200PLUS magnet wire is a dual film insulation system consisting of a modified polyester basecoat and a polyamideimide (AI) topcoat for continuous operation at 200°C.
It is a higher dielectric product than standard heavy NEMA 36-C film, with a .004″ to .006″ build.


This product results in an insulation system that provides higher dielectrics than traditional heavy film coupled with excellent abrasion resistance, chemical resistance.

  • AC Motors
  • Generators
  • DC Motors
  • Hermetic Motors
  • Dry Type Transformers


CW 200Plus is available on copper conductors in various types.